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Car Insurance Coverages in Houston

Does Car Insurance Cover Cracked Windshields?

Just about everyone experiences it eventually – driving along on a beautiful sunny day, radio blasting, singing along, and suddenly you hear it – crack! A pebble or some other piece of debris flies out from under the tire of the car ahead of you, hitting your windshield dead-center. Whether it causes a tiny chip or a bigger crack, you need to get it fixed. 

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Home Insurance in Houston

What factors affect the costs of home insurance?

Insurers look at dozens, if not hundreds, of factors when calculating premiums for a particular region. Here are just a few of the factors they consider: 

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Cosecha Insurance

Umbrella Insurance Policy

Umbrella insurance is extra liability insurance. This type of insurance policy is designed to help protect you from major claims and lawsuits and as a result it helps protect your assets and your future. It does this in two ways: 

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Commercial Insurance in Houston

What’s Not Covered in My Commercial Auto Liability Insurance?

Commercial auto liability coverage protects your company against claims by third parties who seek compensation for bodily injury or property damage sustained an auto accident. Like most types of insurance, auto liability coverage is subject to exclusions. Exclusions may eliminate coverage for risks that are uninsurable or that are covered by other types of policies. 

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Renters Insurance in Houston

Can I get renters insurance without a lease?

Renters insurance does not require the policy owner to have a lease. For example, many college students acquire renters insurance policies to cover their personal property while they are living in dormitories. The renters insurance can also cover personal property while the goods are in storage or during travel. 

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